WHO WE ARE? Dog Lovers!

That’s who we are, first and foremost. And out of our love for dogs comes heartfelt and professional care that’s second to none. We know what your dogs mean to you, which is why we give them the same level of care and attention that we know you would give them if you could be with them all day, every day.

No matter the breed, temperament and personality, your dog will enjoy our loving touch every bit as much as we love having them with us. We place each pet in the appropriate play group; assessing size, play style and personality. Our dog daycare and day-play is divided up into 5 different sections to accommodate each of these needs.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to both owners and pets in our care. Established in 2017, Canine Kingdom has served Edmonton’s needs with exemplary pet care services since the beginning.


  • At Canine Kingdom, we believe that dogs are highly intelligent creatures, with an incredible propensity for love and affection. We believe their love and affection should be returned.

  • We believe every dog deserves a safe, active and healthy recreational environment that promotes their emotional well-being, and we believe in giving that to them.

  • We believe that when your dog is happy, their quality of life is improved. And so is yours.

Which is why our services far exceed basic dog grooming and care – we offer a holistic service that’s guaranteed to take your dog’s physical and emotional well being to a whole new level and make you a happy and proud owner.