Doggy Dayplay on Another Level!

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your dog is receiving loving attention and care, with ample exercise, in an environment that is every dog’s dream, but as a part of our Enrichment Program, we have enhanced our daycare to add more structured play and mental stimulation to our guests’ stay with us!

What is it all about?

As part of our regular daycare program, pets enjoy socialization as part of their assigned play group, they also get lots of attention and play games with their assigned caregiver. However, we have decided to kick it up a notch! So rather than having your pet within a larger group (10-15 pets), we would be assigning your pet to an enrichment coordinator and your pet would be part of a smaller group (4-6 pets) and will be rotating his or her time with us between some hand-picked activities that your pet enjoys.

Doggy Daycare

What will my pet be doing?

Every dog’s activities are hand selected based on the dog! We don’t use a cookie cutter approach. Your dog deserves individualized, personal care like he gets at home. Therefore, we will first conduct a thorough assessment to find out what your dog really loves and then we’ll rotate those activities into your dog’s daily stay here. We have a wide range of activities including fetch, massage time, nose-work, agility, tug time, field trips, stuffed KONG time, and much more.

Dog Daycare

Why is canine Kingdom different?

Overall, our playgroups are focused on fun and the well-being of your dog. We are committed to understanding group dog behaviour, educating all our staff on safe, and humane management techniques that use positive reinforcement. But most importantly, we are committed to providing a day of fun and individualized care to your dog when he stays with us. Your pet will still get playtime with other dogs, but we’ll add some special small group activities and more one-on-one attention with the staff so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically for your pet.

So how do we get started?

At the moment, we are only accepting a limited number of pets as a part of our program. Your pet must be part of our regular daycare program to be considered. A surcharge of $15 per visit applies for upgrading your regular daycare package or pets boarding stay to an Enriched Visit.