Our Facility


give it a shot!

Our facility has over 7000sqft of indoor and outdoor play space for your pets to enjoy. Various play areas are available to allow your pet enjoy their stay and burn some energy! We maintain high cleanliness standards and ensure your has an environment to thrive in! 

Little Tikes - For pets under 30lbs we have a special space! We want to ensure they are all comfortable and happy playing with other guests of comparable size without the risk of being “run over” by larger fellas!

Pee Wee - Saved for all smaller pets or seniors that need the extra love and attention!

Rowdy Rascals - Not much to say here! For all guests that want to play like crazy we have a spot there!

Mellow Mutts - A special space for all the calmer guests that want to play but also don’t enjoy the rowdiness of the other guests of comparable size.

Junk Yard - Out outdoor area! Where pets are taken out multiple times a day to do their business or enjoy the sun in the summer!