For most dog owners, the prospect of leaving their dogs home alone all night is too terrible to even contemplate! For those inevitable occasions when you need to go away, you can rest assured that your dog is well loved and cared for with our sleepovers service. Our sleepovers are structured to ensure that your dog is happy, comfortable and as stress-free as possible during your absence. Also, all of our sleepover clients get to spend the day time with their day care friends and get plenty of one-on-one time with our experienced staff. We offer various packages to cater for the basic pets’ needs and also for their specialized needs (puppies and seniors). Then to top it all off, we offer a premium stay package!

Our difference - we are an open concept facility that caters mainly to social pets. Pets visiting our facility have a routine and a major part of it is being part of fully supervised playgroups. The cost of being part of our playgroups is included in our sleepover rates unlike other facilities that charge additional fees for your pets participation in play groups.

Feeding - While your dog will be fed separately in an environment where he/she can eat in peace, changing your dog’s diet can sometimes be stressful – especially in the context of a change of environment and company. For this reason, we require you to supply your pet’s usual food for the duration of the sleepover period, we would be more than happy to purchase the same brand of food should your pet run out of food while in our care. Please mark your food container clearly, with your pet’s name and special feeding instructions (if any). Please also advise us of any allergies your dog may suffer from. We offer hand-feeding as a much more personalized service to make your pets experience richer, and there is no extra cost for that. 


Collars & Leashes - You will be required to ensure that your dog has a Snap-On collar that fits well, with a leash. An identification tag bearing your dog’s name and your contact number should be attached to the collar, for ease of access too. Please note that the following items are not permitted: prong/pinch, buckle collars, and choke chains.


Medication - We are happy to accommodate your dog, even if he/she is taking medication. Please supply sufficient medication for the duration of the sleepover period, with clear instructions for dosage and administration. Our trained staff can administer oral and injectable medication.


All of our packages include:

  • Flexible check-in time - no charge as long as its during our lobby hours

  • Daily fresh bedding

  • Sanitized feeding dishes, with no additional cost to feed custom diets

  • Free medication administration

  • Inclusion into daycare ($30 value)

  • Continuous behavior and health monitoring

  • Around the clock supervision and live monitoring

Our Rates - We operate our sleepovers just like a human hotel! Check-out time is 11AM, we allow later check-outs for an additional $20 as long as its before our daycare closing hours. Out of hours checkouts may be accommodated at an additional hourly rate if sufficient notice is provided.

Sundays - Sundays are considered a premium day. All pets departing on Sunday will have a $20 surcharge incurred. That is to cover our additional staffing costs. Many facilities will close on Sundays and force clients to board an additional night. As that may cause an inconvenience, we decided not to close on Sundays but charge a fee to offset additional staffing costs. Our office hours for pick-ups or drop-offs on Sunday are between 4PM and 6PM.

Home Stays - Depending on the availability, we are able to accommodate pets overnight at our staff’s homes with daily visits to daycare. Additional fees will apply based on the needs of the pet.

Peak Season - During any statutory holidays, we apply an additional $4/pet/night to bookings due to increase in demand and staffing costs. Also bookings would be subject to deposit requirements and/or prepayment requirements. Our holiday pricing page outlines the details of our holiday booking policies.

Social Media Add-on - We try to post as much as possible pictures of every pet at our facility every day; however, it takes a lot of man hours capturing those special moments. If you wish to get a dedicated post with a few pictures and an update on how your pet is doing, we would love to accommodate that request at an additional fee ($10/night).

Board & Train - If your pet is staying with us and you would like them to get some training, we could gladly accommodate that request during your pet’s boarding stay, let us know and our Trainer will be in touch!

Extended Visits - We would love to have your pets stay with us for an extended period of time! We offer discounts for extended visits based on the length of the visit and the needs of your pet while in our care.

Additional Pets - We offer a discounted rate for any additional pets (from the same household, owned by the same owner) when boarding at the same time. Unlike most facilities, the additional pet discount applies even if the pets require separate sleeping arrangements.(Excludes Puppy/Special Care Sleepovers).

Some T&Cs - please visit our policies page or FAQs page for more information.

Puppy Sleepovers - $43/night
(Required for puppies under 6 months, optional up to 1 year)

  • Elevated bed with fresh bedding daily

  • Inclusion into specialized playgroups ($30 value)

  • Extra potty breaks

  • Chew toys included

  • Daily manners practice & hand-feeding, if instructions are provided by owner

  • Limited space to allow excellent care

  • Peak season $4/night more

Premium Sleepover - $52/night
(For a sleepover with luxurious care)

  • Elevated bed with fresh bedding daily

  • Inclusion into daycare play groups ($30 value)

  • Offsite walks/adventures or 1-on-1 play

  • Lots of TLC & nightly tuck in with a snack (Frozen Kong)

  • Dedicated social media post - daily updates

  • Additional pets for $42/night each

  • No peak season additional charges

Standard Stays - $38/night
(Our basic package with complete care)

  • Fresh bedding daily

  • Inclusion into Daycare ($30 value)

  • Medication administration included

  • Premium outing for $14/outing.

  • Additional pets for $31/night each

  • Peak season $4/night more

Special Care Stays - $43/night
(For pets with disabilities or medical conditions that need extra care)

  • Elevated orthopedic bed

  • Fresh Bedding every night

  • Inclusion into specialized playgroups ($30 value)

  • Daily wellness exam

  • Extra potty breaks

  • Peak season $4/night more

(Military/Police/Fire/EMS are eligible for a 10% discount. Eligibility is verified thru ID)

(rates do not include GST and are subject to change without notice)