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At Canine Kingdom, we would like to meet all of our potential clients before hand to ensure their experience with us would be very pleasant! For new clients, please visit our "How do I get started?" page, as we cannot accept drop-in assessments, or drop-in sleepovers. We encourage online bookings for all of our services!

Canine Kingdom is a facility for social pets, we have limited space available for pets that can’t be in a social setting and need to get extra attention and one-on-one play time so please let us know ahead of time if your pet is not comfortable in a social setting. All pets will have to get an assessment completed before-hand for risk management purposes.

To avoid disappointment, please book your pet’s sleepover or daycare in advance. At the moment, we have very few spots available for 2019’s holiday season (December 20th 2019 to January 2nd 2020).

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At Canine Kingdom, we employ a smart client management system that provides the ability to execute various functions through a secure portal, we encourage online bookings as we aim to reduce the chances of miscommunication along with giving you the chance to get a confirmed reservation outside our reception hours.

  • Maintain your & your pet's information

  • Review & Sign service agreements

  • Schedule/Book Daycare, Sleep-overs, Grooming, Training

  • Make changes to any existing bookings

  • Review account balance, make payments

  • View visit history & purchase history

  • Update your financial information

  • Pet specific photo gallery

  • Add pet specific or booking specific instructions

  • Pet updates & Report Cards

  • Access owner advisories & special offers

If you are a current client, please use the email that you provided to us as your username to access the area. At the time of enrollment our system would have automatically emailed you a temporary password, if you require a new temporary password please contact us before creating a new account. If you have not provided us with an email address, then you would have to contact us directly to add you email to your account.

You can register your pet online by completing our service agreement located here, before that is completed and the assessment fee is paid, your assessment booking is not considered confirmed. We will send an email confirming your assessment date/time via our client management system. If you are not sure, fill out our general booking request and we will contact you!

General Booking Request

Name *
Phone Number
Phone Number
Vaccinations *
Vet documentation is required!
Is your pet spayed/neutered? *
Pets over 7 months of age have to be fixed!
When would you like to come in for an assessment? *
When would you like to come in for an assessment?
All of our guests must pass an assessment before being allowed to participate in any activities.
What would be your ideal drop off time? *
What would be your ideal drop off time?
What services are you interested in? *
Please provide us with pick-up/drop-off dates to ensure we are able to accommodate your request. Providing this information does not confirm your booking.
Have your pet(s) been to another open concept dog daycare or boarding facility? *