There are many aspects to canine grooming. While many owners are content to occasionally just bathe their dogs under the garden hose, keeping your dog healthy requires more advanced grooming. Our grooming technicians are highly trained and have several years’ experience which means your dogs are in safe hands. They don’t just get your dogs to look and feel good, they ensure your dog loves every minute of the treatment too! We offer several grooming services and if you are unsure of which one best suits your dog, discuss the options with one of our team members, who will be happy to advise you.


Basic Grooming (Bath & Brush)

That a dog regularly needs a good bath, goes without saying. Some dog owners find this a challenge since they sometimes lack the time, facilities or even the physical strength to bathe their dogs. Our premises and professional grooming technicians are equipped to ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe during his/her bath. We use only the best shampoos and are mindful of the fact that some dogs have sensitive skins. Dogs also benefit from having their teeth and ears cleaned regularly, and our team is trained to perform these professional services too.

Trims & Sanitary Trims

Not ready for a full haircut? Thats ok! Our certified groomers can trim certain areas and freshen up your pet! We also will give your pet a full bath and a nail trim if requested!

Full Spa Package

Our in-house groomer is capable of providing a full spa package for your pet. A full spa package includes a bath & brush, along with a haircut or a full shave. In addition to that, we provide de-matting and de-shedding brushes at competitive rates! 



As dogs get older, they become less active and this results in longer nails. Left uncut, these nails can cause your pet discomfort and even impair mobility. Trimming your dog’s nails requires a firm, but gentle hand, and carefulness so that nails are not clipped too close to the nail bed. Our team take adequate precaution to ensure this task is painless for your dog.


Parasite Control

Parasites are attracted to dogs. A dog that is not well cared for is especially susceptible to infestation, and pest control should form an integral part of your pet’s grooming and care. External parasite control will eliminate ticks and fleas, while internal parasites like worms should also be treated regularly. Our team take care of all these and can help you decide on the right treatment choices for your dog.


Small (up to 35lbs) $50-$60
Medium (35-60lbs) $65-$75
Large (60-90lbs) $80-$120
Extra Large (90lbs or more) $120+

SANITARY TRIM/Trim & Tidy - $15.00 - $35.00 (based on size)

EXTRA BRUSHING - $15 per half-hour

COAT DE-MATTING  - $25 per half-hour


NAILS - $10



                               Short         Long
S (up to 35lbs)           $30          $30
M (35-60lbs)              $35          $40
L (60-90lbs)               $50          $55
XL (> 90lbs)               $60          $75

                                Short         Long
S (up to 35lbs)          $40           $40
M (35-60lbs)             $45           $55
L (60-90lbs)              $60          $70
XL (> 90lbs)              $75          $85 

(Military/Police/Fire/EMS are eligible for a 10% discount. Eligibility must be verified via official identification)

(rates do not include GST and are subject to change without notice)